“You don’t have to be genetically lucky
to be funny or successful.”

Tim Davis is the only business coach who combines behavioral selling with comedy.

Tim’s  focus is working with sales professionals and executives who want to increase their performance success,  whether it’s closing more sales, pitching new business or negotiating a deal.

Using comedy principles learned during his years as a stand-up comedian and coach to top comedians who have appeared on Leno, Letterman and Comedy Central, Tim shows corporate sales professionals the techniques and mindset that can make all the difference.

Tim’s background as a stand-up comedian in New York City made him a master of timing, pausing, setting up punch lines and getting a reaction from his audience. It also made him a master of reading the audience and the psychology of how people respond to a set-up and punch line.

As his coaching business expanded beyond comedians and speakers to coaching and doing seminars for sales professionals and executives, Tim noticed the value of comedy principles in the business world, particularly for sales people who are on the line every day to get the right reaction from their clients.

After all, when you think about it there are important links between comedy and sales.

  • A joke has a timing and rhythm like a close.

  • In comedy and sales, you are trying to get a reaction.

  • If you understand how your audience thinks, you can get the right reaction.

  • Stage fright is like the fear of a cold call.

  • A comedy punch line is like a sales close.

  • If  it’s not entertaining, it’s just information.

Tim also works with executives and professionals to add comedy to business presentations and talks to make them more entertaining, memorable and persuasive. Tim also became an expert in the DISC method of behavioral selling because it encompasses so many of the things he learned about what works with an audience as a stand-up comedian.

Tim Davis has done seminars and coaching for a wide range of corporations and organizations including Sony, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Forensics Consulting, Arizona Society University, Glendale Arizona Medical, Atlantics Tomorrows Office and Adminstaff.

Tim is a member of the National Speakers Association. Each talk is customized to a specific audience.