Tim Davis’ Profile

Tim Davis is the only personal and business coach who combines stand-up comedy techniques with cognitive behavioral techniques to conquer life’s most important moments…


Picture this: You win a prestigious New York comedy contest and have the opportunity to perform on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson – every comic’s dream and a launching pad for many show business careers. During the pre-interview, stage fright overtakes you, and you find yourself stuttering and stammering. The interview ends, and you are not booked on the show.

This actually happened to Tim Davis, and it was this disappointing event that has compelled him to dedicate his life to understanding stage fright and helping others overcome the jitters. Tim’s passion for teaching his unique courses comes from observing people who stumble during moments of great importance to their careers and the subsequent consequences it has on their lives.

Not long ago, the accepted remedy for stage fright was to just keep performing to make it “disappear.” This approach did not work for Tim, nor has it worked for the countless others that suffer from performance anxiety. After meeting Dr. Steven Phillipson of New York’s renowned Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and adapting the applications of behavioralism for the stage, Tim and Dr. Phillipson devised a system for overcoming stage fright and anxiety.

Since then, Tim Davis has been coaching stand-up comedians for more than a dozen years and his techniques have been used by top stand-up comedians to reduce stress and improve performance. Tim quickly learned that the same techniques used by professional comedians to capture any audience can be used in the classroom, workplace and even in corporate environments to boost sales, improve presentations, increase self-confidence and communicate more effectively. His one-of-a-kind approach has helped hundred of performers, business people, salespeople, teachers, social workers and trial lawyers overcome their anxiety to become professional performers and expert presenters. Tim’s techniques have even helped people in their personal lives and relationships.

As a comic Tim appeared on The Phil Donohue Show, The Joan Rivers Show, The Montel Williams Show and was a principal in Joe Berlinger’s (Director of Blair Witch Project 2) Outrageous Taxi Stories film. Tim is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, and is on the faculty of Paradise Valley Community College. He holds a certificate in teaching from UCLA Extension. His “Stand-Up Comedy Techniques for Realtors” class is approved for continuing education credits by the Arizona Department of Real Estate.