Public Classes

Apart from private coaching, Tim offers structured classes at universities, colleges and other academically focused organizations that are a continuation of his shorter seminars. The added time Tim spends with students allows him to personally design individual strategies to enable the student to perform at the peak of his or her talent when it is most important– no matter what the student’s field. All of his seminars can be easily adapted to an 8 to 12 week course.

Tim typically teaches on-going classes in the following subjects:

  • Stand-Up Comedy for Beginners
  • Stand-Up Comedy for Professionals
  • Stand-Up Comedy for Seniors
  • Nerves of Steel: Stand-Up Comedy Techniques for Teachers
  • Anti-Jitters: Motivation Past Fear — Cognitive Techniques for Overcoming Stage Fright
  • The Cultured-Pearl Relationship: Stand-Up Comedy Techniques for Enhanced Personal Relationships

Tim offers one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy classes that are structured to quickly move the student through the amateur phase into professional performing. Most comedy classes help the participant write five minutes of comedy material. Tim shows new comedians how to overcome stage fright and how to identify and re-create their senses of humor. Students also explore the business aspects of stand-up comedy. Class participants receive a comedy workbook with structured exercises and cognitive charts to recognize (and conquer) negative thought patterns, which can provide a wealth of comedic material unique to the individual.

The cognitive charts are also utilized in his courses for teachers, business professionals and those wishing to improve their personal relationships. Tim shows his students how to better understand their thought patterns and reproduce them in a much more positive manner.

If you are interested in having Tim Davis conduct a class or seminar at your university, college or learning institution, contact

Tim has taught public classes and seminars at the following institutions:

  • UCLA Extension — Los Angeles, CA
  • New York University Continuing Education — New York, NY
  • Paradise Valley Community College — Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Glendale Community College — Glendale, AZ
  • Mesa Community College — Mesa, AZ
  • Jewish Association for Services for the Aged — New York, NY
  • The Learning Annex — New York, NY
  • Dustin’s GreenHouse — Greensboro, NC