Comic helps teachers put laughs in learning

By Pat Whitney

Special for The Arizona Republic – June 08, 2002

His passion for the arts may never win him an Academy Award.

But for the past 12 years, performance coach Tim Davis has helped countless actors, models, writers, comics, salespeople and social workers overcome stage fright, and squelch negative thought patterns through innovative psychological techniques.

Yet not before he overcame his own performance anxiety using cognitive behavioral therapy. A comic for 20 years, the New York City native has appeared on The Joan Rivers Show and The Montel Williams Show.

Davis has coached professional comedians on Comedy Central, The David Letterman Show and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and has trained salespeople at Sony. He’s conducted comedy classes to help everyday people realize their dreams of becoming comedians and motivated New York senior citizens to overcome their depression and anxieties through comedy.

With his 6-foot, 6-inch frame, large, expressive hands and deep laugh lines etched in his face, his passion for comedy can’t be overlooked.

Now, Davis is on a comedy crusade to aid local high school teachers and students.

On Wednesday, the former professional stand-up comedian will pilot a one-day seminar at Paradise Valley Community College. The class will give Phoenix and Scottsdale high school teachers an opportunity to revitalize their teaching methods and renew passion in their subject areas, Davis said….Read full Article – AZ Republic_with pic


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